How to Make a New Page in Volusion

Making a page seems like it should be day 1 easiest thing every, but for Volusion users….It’s a little harder.

So I made this quick how-to image. Why? Because I Googled the heck out of it and couldn’t find a straight answer anywhere…least of all from Volusion.

And to clarify; Yes, Volusion calls pages articles. You can combine it in such a way as to have many articles on one page, but at the most basic level, articles can be pages. Sort of like the way a WordPress blog post is also it’s own page. (Not the news feed, the single post view.) If you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to make a page, just do this. It won’t help you with top level pages and page names, like The article will be more like

If that will work for whatever you’re trying to do, here’s how to do it:

(click to enlarge)