“If you can express it, Jessica Rider can design it. She is an inspirational designer that warms your heart, with creativity that expresses you.  Jessica delivered my ideas and desires, which made my vision and mission statements come alive.

My web site portrays my personality and individuality, thanks to Jessica.  The professional and personal care that she gave to me is beyond my expectations.  She built a relationship with me that will last a life time.

If you’re looking for state of art, cutting edge with a personal touch, I recommend Jessica.”

-Doris Armstrong, Whole Hearted Events

“These logos look fantastic. Please pass along to Jessica that she did a great job, everyone is very pleased.  We like the one right at the top of the page. It’s sharp and modern, like 4M’s plans for the future. Great job.”

-Chad Morin, 4M Precision Industries

“Jessica, It looks wonderful!!!!!! You did a great job. Pat is very pleased with the template. The video is without a doubt perfect. The placement couldn’t be better.”

-Kathy Verde, International Fire Shield / Kentucky Mountain Coffee Company

“I reviewed your initial design of the website over the weekend, and I must say that I’m impressed! All-in-all you’ve done a great job!  I’m glad to be working with you!”

-Robb D. Bonilla, The Bon Ton Roulet

“The website looks good! Everyone likes it! THANK YOU FOR BEING INVOLVED!! Your help is so valuable!!”

-Margie Bell, The South Sudan Institute